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Sunrise HOA Board Meeting
HOA meeting agenda                                                                                                         March 3, 2016 7:00pm 

Treasurer's Report

  • How many homes have paid dues?
  • what have we spend from each budget account?



  • Mailbox
  • Trees
  • Lawn/tree/sprinkler service
  • Community activities (garage sale, Easter Egg hunt, etc)

Web site

Covenant review

Papillion sanitation proposal

Secretary Notes:


  • Had a request about snow removal through Nextdoor for snow removal along sidewalk on 25th street?  He thought the HOA paid for that?
  • Activity in Nextdoor referenced Covenants disallowing business activities.
  • A lot of interest in Nextdoor in neighborhood watch.


  • Updated neighborhood watch info should be availablevia website
  • Can’t even adjust fonts.
  • Is there any reason our emails are listed with AT instead of @?
  • The current process is cumbersome and does not allow for much flexibility such as adding menus other items.
  • WIX or others have domain hosting and free web building for as little as $9.75 / month
  • Spoke with Dan and the domain can be transferred.  He can also switch platforms to allow some flexibility.  I will explore those options.
  • Items such as special projects should be listed on website
  • Is the most current covenants on website?
  • Would like to provide a link to Nextdoor
  • There are many archived documents what should we do with these?
  • Should there be a dropbox or something of that sort to keep old docs?
  • One of the options of the WIX allows for form creation, wonder if we could use this to provide the revised ACR form and then route directly to board mailbox upon submission?




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