NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm.

Ben Kuehmichel, President, thanked everyone for coming out and welcomed them to the meeting. He also introduced the Board of Directors, Woody Woodward, Hugo Curitti and Paul Gardener.

The Board went over the accomplishments for the year 2017 to include the garage sale, picnic, mailbox posts replacements. The Board also asked that when an ACR is submitted to please give as much specific information as possible to include links for paint colors, roof colors, diagrams, drawings etc to help the Board make a quick decision.


The Yard of the Month program produced 5 winners for this year. Those homeowners will receive a $40 credit on their 2018 dues. There will also be a Holiday Light winner that Wilf be announced the first of January.

The Board also shared the Next Door app. This is an app that gives you information that is going on in the community to include lost dogs, concerns that are going on in the neighborhood etc.


The 2018 Proposed Budget was reviewed and the 2017 Financials through October 31, 2017. There is a proposal for the dues to be decreased to $75 for each homeowner for the year 2018. Income and expenses were reviewed for both. The 2018 Proposed Budget was accepted and will take effect January 1, 2018.

There are two Board Positions available. There have been two nominations, one for Timothy Jones and one from Woody Woodward (current board member). The ballot was cast, and both Timothy and Woody have been voted onto the Board of Directors.


Covenant Revision Proposal was the next topic. The Proposed Covenant Revision was sent out to ail homeowners, one in the form of a survey and then tallied by the Board of Directors to then move forward with the Proposed Covenant Revision which was then sent out to ati homeowners for their review. The Board went over the Proposed Covenant Revision and asked for any discussion. When the discussion was closed, the Board asked the Homeowners for a vote. The Proposed Covenant Revision passed 23 for to 9 opposed. The Board will be in contact with the Attorney to get the revisions fifed at the County Courthouse.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.



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