MAY 26, 2020

The Board Meeting for Sunrise Homeowners Association was held on May 26, 2020. Board members in 
attendance for the meeting were Kim, Dave, Tom and Woody. Board nominee Brit Sly was also in 
attendance. Kat Betts, the representative from the Management Company was also in attendance.

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was officially called to order at 6:08 pm.

MINUTES: The April meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion by Dave to approve as written, seconded by 
Tom, all approved.

FINANCIALS: The Board reviewed all expenses and income for May 2020. Motion by Tom to approve,  
seconded by Dave.  All approve.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM: Still working on getting the system up and running correctly. Kim has a point of 
contact with a sprinkler contractor, she will reach out to him to get the system up and running 

BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT: This project should be starting soon, Woody will follow p with Tree Shrubs 
and More and report back to the board.

OLD BUSINESS: At this time we are not going to be making any changes to our insurance policy, Kat 
will reach out a couple of insurance agents to get their opinions on this.

NEW BUSINESS: Britt Slie added as a Board Member, to replace Tim Jones. Motion by Kim to accept her on the board seconded by Dave, all approved. Welcome to the Board.

BOARD MEETINGS: Next board meeting is June  30, 2020 at 6pm.
Adjourned at 7:40 pm motion by Dave.