**Next Scheduled Board Meeting – April 7th 7:00pm**


Treasurer's Report


  • Mailbox

  • Ron Rolfson to join discussion

  • Original contract

  • Costs / Replacement status

  • Moving forward

  • Trees

  • Lawn/tree/sprinkler service

  • Community activities update

  • Hydrant party

Web site

Covenant review

  • Current Copy

  • Committee

ACR Document Revisions

Papillion Sanitation proposal

Determination on Late Fees per email

Status of Signs / Documentation of projects

Email List

Yard of the Month?


  • Summer Picnic

    • Cost

    • Food

    • Face Painting

    • Hydrant party

    • Other?


Action Items from March Meeting:


  • Contact Papillion Sanitation for clarification on questions regarding

    • Question on 2 Containers 1 Trash and 1 Recycle.  Can both be used for trash weekly?

    • Premier does weekly recycling weekly.  Can 2 96 gallon recycling containers be obtained at base rate?

    • What is the difference between basic recycling and rewards?

    • How many homes are required for rate reduction?

    • Is the May 1 deadline hard?

  •  Setup google docs for place to keep all documents pertaining to HOA business and allow all members access.


  • Obtain the documentation on the mailbox replacement project.

  • Web page - finish setting up new web page proposal for approval


  • Collect signs and provide inventory to board at next meeting


  • Review current ACR and propose changes and provide samples of common form submissions


  • Bids for Lawn care / sprinkeler / trees

  • Provide online payment link to Heather

  • Dues reminders March 15th

  • Garage sale postcards

  • Editable ACR


  • Obtain most current copy of covenant for review

  • Assemble a covenant committee





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