Welcome to the new and improved Sunrise Homeowners Association website.   We are excited to find new ways to share information with neighbors and improve our community.  The site is for all residents of Sunrise to obtain details about news and community events.  We welcome your feedback.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns and sugggestions. 

2019 Annual Holiday Yard Decorations Contest


The judging will be done sometime during the evening of December 24. So have your decorations looking their best by then! Good luck to all!

The 3 winning addresses for 2018 were:

   1st place with award of $75 credit toward dues:  9508 S 27th Street

   2nd place with award of $45 credit toward dues: 2513 Tulip Lane

   3rd place with award of $25 credit toward dues:  9502 S 26th Street


2019 Spring Garage Sale
Friday May 3rd & Saturday May 4th: 10:00am til ?
Connect With your Sunrise Neighbors and HOA Board through Nextdoor


You can connect via web page on your computer or smart phone to Nextdoor.  It automatically connects you with neighbors in your area.  The HOA board members can be found here as well as the local sheriff participating.  It is a great resource.

2019 Annual HOA Meeting


The meeting will be held Tuesday November 12 at Lansky's (3909 Twin Creek Drive, Bellevue, NE). Pizza & drinks will be served!

2019 Annual Dues


Annual dues are currently set at $75.00.  Invoices for dues payments were sent in December 2017.  Payment for dues should be made no later than April 15, 2019 to avoid late fees and interest. There are currently three ways to pay your dues:

1 - You can write a check and send it to Kathy Betts at her office.  The check needs to be payable to PJ Morgan Real Estate, and our office address is 7801 Wakeley Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114.  You can also drop a check off in person there too if you would like.

2 - You can get online with your bank, and use your bill pay option and have your bank send us the check, using the same information as above.

3 - Pay your Sunrise HOA dues online by clicking the link below or going to http://pjmorgan.com/make-a-payment/



When making a payment please reference your lot number, or at least your address.

**NOTE:  If your dues are delinquent, your voting rights at any special or annual meetings will be suspended**

HOA Mission


To promote a sense of community, enhance the appearance, livability, safety and welfare of owners and to preserve and enhance property values.  The HOA board is a group of volunteers from the community that will work to encourage communication, allocate budget resources, maintain community properties and improve lifestyle for residents with the majority interests as a key focus.  Participation of all residents is key to a harmonious and productive association.

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